anfieldHis fascination with music production started in 2013. Two years later he released his first work on Geometry Recordings record label. Residents of Geometry Recordings inspired Anfield to evolve in music production, by showing him the music of Manu Shrine, Trilapse and Formtek. Later he discovered his next inspirations: Sorrow, Vacant, Elo Method, Volor Flex, Helios, Need A Name, Arms And Sleepers, Kiasmos. Those artist still have an impact on his musical pieces. His tools are simple: computer, Ableton Live and headphones. But the effects come out as well balanced, deep, liquid productions. Some day he is going to learn how to play a guitar.



adisquoComposer, producer, developer and explorer of software and new technologies. Being born in the 80’s gave him the opportunity to become a part of the first polish electronic generation. He started experimenting with electronic music in early 90’s and played among such artist as: Marcin Czubala, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Catz’n’Dogz, Dave Tarrida, Syntax Error and Ayako Mori. Some of the musical projects and labels he creates and co-operates in are: Snowdesigners, April Snow, Monokl, Sentimental Berlin and his most recent ñ ADAT ñ – an audio-visual showcase. Alongside music production, Adisquo is currently devoted to 3D animation and software prototyping.




blossomBlossom is a project from Łukasz Czajewski. His first album “Blue Balloons” was released in 2011 by Export Label. In 2012 his composition was included in Project Mooncircle 10th birthday compilation, along such artist as: Arts The Beatdoctor, Robot Koch, Long Arm, Krts and 40 Winks. In 2013 his new album “The Longest Journey” was released by Project Mooncircle – on vinyl and digitally, along with the re-release of “Blue Balloons”. Blossom performed on big events such as: Audioriver 2014, Selector Festival 2012, Goodfest.




enajskiEnaj Enajski does digital stuff. ‘Digital’ means a lot of different things to different people. Some say that it’s the future, others that the revolution will not be digitized. Some delineate a fundamental break between analogue and digital while others blur the boundary between self and other. For Enajski ‘digital’ means a constant wave of reconfiguration that occasionally yields stable forms. As humans we cherish stable forms as their predictability is what helps us stay alive. However, it often seems to be the case that amidst these crystallizations we lose track of the flux itself.



er4seBorn in early 90’s. Er4se Has discovered his interest in Music already in his childhood. Has been playing piano for a few years till he found out about hip-hop in early 2000s. Since then he has been gaining his experience in electronic music production. He has moved to Berlin after his high school graduation and started to study computer science at the free university of Berlin. He was always trying to prove that informatics and electronic music have a lot things in common which can be heard in his later productions



jachna buhlJahna/Buhl is a duet connected with the alternative music scene in Bydgoszcz. They have published 3 albums already: “Pan Jabu”, “Niedoknczone Ksiazki” and “Tapes”. Their fourth album includes acoustic dialogs, improvisations and loops recorded on 4-track Tascam at the attic of City Library in Bydgoszcz. Their music is hard to classify or define, that is why they can surprise even the biggest connoisseurs of music.



lowhiteyLowhitey is an auto ironic name of a project, which was created by Wojciech Misiak, artist from the middle-north of Poland. His interests in electronic music began early, while he was listening to his father’s music such as Vangelis or Jean Michel Jarre. Eventually these interests became his passion. First works of Lowhitey came to light in 2013 on We Are Your Music Mate and Soundbar labels. That same year, with help from Plug & Play Bookings agency, he started his career as a DJ. His productions are emotional, regardless of a musical genre. They are also influenced by nature, which surround the artist himself. Field recording is an important element of his music.



lux familiarDj and music producer. He became recognizable after becoming a vice champion on Beatbattle 2012 competition (cat. Beat Show). His music was released on labels: Dred Collective, Italdred, TenthDegree, LowRise, Broken Soles, Good Street Records, Alkopoligamia, Polish Juke, Sequel One. His EP called “Visionary” was played in USA, Europe and Japan. Lux Familiar got positive feedback from such musicians as: Om Unit, Traxman, Ticklish, Namebrandsound, Boxcutter, Lil Texas, Homesick and Lenkemz. He is also a part of Bennelux project, along with Benncart. Together they released a few works: “Roland Atkinsonblendtape, “1/4 EP”, “1/2 EP”, “4/4 EP”. Lux Familiar performed on festivals in Poland, Moscow and Budapest. Alongside Footwork/Juke, he is interested in the sound of Hip-Hop, Rave, Jungle and Chicago House, Detroit House. He has shared a stage with such artist as: Dj Paypal, Addison Groove, Traxman, Sam Binga, Redders, Sorrow, Sarah Farina, Document One, Tunnidge, Woulg, Phazz, NTHNG, Night Mark Electric Trio, Pro8lem.



mat-radzMat Radz is a sound artist from Poland residing in Bali who’s using modular synthesizer as a medium for his sonic explorations. A dialogue with the machine results usually in creating organic and morphing phantasmagoric glitched worlds. He first came to prominence 15 years ago as a turntable wiz and over the years, was touring and recording with various artists, bands, jazz musicians and a symphonic orchestra. Lived and performed in Berlin where he also worked on several sound projects and debuted his live material in 3D immersive sound installation. His debut EP “Temporary Landscapes” was released in 2019 via Oaktopus Records and EP “Coral Drift” was out on March 1st, 2021.



African rooted Polish producer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His music is inspired by life – places, situations, emotions, experiences. Key elements to Moo Latte’s great productions are simple vocal lines, Jazz-like harmonies, organic percussive elements and their groove. He started his musical education in 2001. Currently he is a master’s degree student in Composition. Through all that time he gained experience on playing guitar and sampling, as well as singing. For his productions he also uses Rhodes, electric and bass guitar, double bass, synthesized sounds, and recordings of “everyday objects”. Moo Latte’s first official work “The Circle” was released in 2015 and re-released in 2016. Currently he is working on a new EP, which will unveil his most recent observations and experiences.



Mruwki is a electronic producer from Łódź, he started producing in his early teenage years but he released his first official extended play called “Miss Universe” in april 2018. Album was released independently on the internet. in January 2019 he released his first physical (album) work in Oaktopus Records. Listeners describe his music as complex, dreamy and suprising. It’s hard to describe specific genre wich Mruwki represents, but some People would probably define it as post-club music.



pioterPioter is a software programmer from north-west region of Poland. He started composing music in late 90’s. At first it was a computer demoscene music. Then he became a member of a drum’n’bass dj collective called “Behemoth Breakz” and played various productions, including those of his own. Pioter was an initiator of a web forum His productions were published in a bunch of underground compilations. In 2013 his album “Wymyślone Królestwa” was released on record label.



pioterPhonics Foundation was raised by a group of talented musicians from Norway and Poland:
Sebastian Gruchot
Violinist, saxophonist, composer, producer from Poland, constantly working with music in
Norway. Without a doubt, when it comes to instruments, his top choice is violin, which he
started playing when he was 6. Violin blazed a trail to various musical spaces in all aspects
and genres: acoustic, jazz, folk, electronica, avant-garde, heavy metal.
Sebastian’s main projects/bands are:

Nutopia – A world music band
Gruchot/Kruminsacoustic guitar/violin jazz duo
Møllærns værk – improvised electronic music (Nordic Ambient style)
Valle/Touriussen/Gruchot – another improvised electronic music (Nordic Ambient style)
Arcturus – Legendary heavy metal band from Norway, creators of a genre Avant-garde

Sebastian Gruchot was cooperating with some recognizable DJ’s (Strangefruit, Twistex).
He was also a soloist in Kristiansand Symfoniorkester and a violinist in theatre shows by
Agder Teater: (Fiddler on the roof; 2010 and Snødronningen; 2016)
Sebastian is also a part of polish music scene. The main projects are:
Sing Sing Penelope – jazz band (4 recorded albums)
Spejsavant-garde ’’yass’’ band (Rozwinął mi się turban; 2010)
– ’’Experimental Psychology’’ – An album produced with Rafał Gorzycki (drums). Released
on ForTune in 2013, recognized as one of the best albums of the year by
Montage Demontage – improvised electronics duo, with Karol Szaltis (Flek; 2015)

Audun Ramo

He was brought into music at an early age. Went to music school from the age of six learning the medieval – and now a days pretty obscure – instrument recorder. His first handwritten transcriptions were from Norwegian/Swedish dance bands with tunes he had heard from other kids in kindergarten. At the age of ten Audun picked up his first bass guitar – and from that moment he was pretty much sure which frequencies he would spend most of his time with.

During his years at University Audun played all kinds of music from bluesy rock with “Norwegian Grammy” winners called Grande, toured with Polish avant-garde “yass” band called Spejs and started playing with the bands Nutopia and Michael Aadal Group.

Audun always had the desire for folk and traditional music from around the globe, so that’s more or less how he spent the last five-ten years on getting really in depth with. After he borrowed his double bass to the bass player in the Hungarian Roma music ensemble Parno Graszt he became determined he was going to spend quite a lot of time trying to make this approach possible to adapt to different musical expressions. Today he is making his living as a happy slapper/bower/pizzicato’er and music composer/arranger.

Mads Johansen

A drummer and a music producer from Norway. Currently living in Oslo and cooperating with top notch local music entertainers. Mads got his musical masters degree in rhytmics on UiA (Universitetet i Agder) in Kristiansand. He also cooperates with recognizable rap artists in Norway (Jaa9 & OnklP) and other artists (eg. Frida Ånnevik, Kaja Gunnufsen). His producing skills can be found in music from Jonas Alaska, Hilma Nikolaisen and Pelicat.



scott stain

Born and raised in Gdańsk. His first productions date back to 90’s when he and his friends discovered the possibilities of the Protracker, and they produced insane tracks. Musical horizons begin at Minor Threat hook of A Tribe Called Quest or Mulatu Astatke to eventually be dominated by Squarepusher and Autechre. He treats his music as a retreat from reality, often allows the composition drift in any direction. And it’s safe to say that he doesn’t give a damn about your rhythm needs.



sebastian gruchotSebastian Gruchot – violin and saxophone. He has graduated at Bydgoszcz Music Academy, in Musical Instruments and at the Nowegian Kristiansand Musikkonservatoriet in Rhytmic Music, where he became a lecturer. He has created many recordings and played many performances in clubs and Jazz festivals in Europe and Africa. He has been cooperating with such bands and musicians as: Sing Sing Penelope, Rafal Gorzycki Ecstasy Project, Splashgirl, Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, DJ Strangefruit, Petter Wettre, Rune Arnesen and many others.



snorbesHis musical adventure started early. At the age of 6 he started playing guitar, then learned how to play other instruments, started listening to a lot of different music to eventually settle down by the genre he loved most. Electronica. In 2005 he started experimenting with sound. This led to the music he’s producing today – a mix of IDM, ambient, downtempo. His tracks are full of dreamy vocals laying on top of glitchy beats, ambient noises and broken clicks. His music is full of acoustic instruments which strongly distinguishes him from other producers from Poland. In recent years he shared the stage with many musicians, such as: Mooryc, Sorrow, Breton, Slow Magic, Paulina Przybysz, Night Marks Electric Trio, Envee or Ticklish.



spejsA band that evolved during spring in 2016, formed by: Karol “Sabotaż” Szaltiskeyboards, Tomek Glaziksaxophones, modulars , Awryturntables, Jacek Buhldrums. From the Spejs’s music, based on a specific “suggestions game”, attentive listening to each other and unceasing observation of music movement – the new quality has been established – connecting free yass with all sorts of electronic music. Performances are supported by Vj Spontaneity, who creates the image and enriches the music structure. Spejs’s concerts are audio-visual shows of their creative process in real time. The band has issues two albums so far. At the beginning of 2008 the first album “Człowiek z jednym pejsem” came out, in 2010 another one “Rozwinął mi się turban” has been pubished by Biodro Records.



stan pavMusician, instrumentalist, composer. Stanislas Pav’s music is used in movies, theatres, dance shows, like Tchekpo Dance Company from Bielefeld, Germany. He performs in Apli Papli band, as well as solo on various instruments or piano. His music circles around Jazz, Funk, Electronica, Abstract, Avant-Garde, Experimental genres. Stanislas Pav is making music by recording individual tracks of acoustic and electronic instruments and then mixing them on his own.



stendekStendek is an audiovisual project from Poland, created by Maciej Wojcieszkiewicz. Maciej has gained an MA Degree in Visual Arts in the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk in 2009. Rich layers of synthesizers, unobvious rhythms, and unusual pugnacity, often in close relation to avant-garde sounds are characteristic to him. So far Stendek performed at festivals such as Open´er in Gdynia, Selector Festival in Krakow, Plateaux Festival in Toruń, Ambient Festival in Gorlice, Vivisesja in Poznan and Digitalia in Szczecin. He supported such artists as: Nosaj Thing, Squarepusher, Dookoom, oOoOO, Murcof, Tim Hecker, Biosphere, Booka Shade and Boys Noize. His live performances always include visualizations made by him or cooperating video artists including Agata Królak (Vj Hertzshmertz) with whom he created an audiovisual project called Yume. Since 2011 he regularly works with visual artist Anna Królikiewicz, creating music for her installations.

In 2013 he released his second full-length album “Touch” for Pink Kong Records.



szattSzatt is a project from Łukasz Palkiewicz. A producer from Racibórz, currently living in Poznań, Poland. Cofounder in “Zaburzenia” project. The winner of the 2013 “Beatbattle” competition in Live Act category. That same year he released an instrumental album called “Future Voices” by himself. He has travelled around the country, performing successful live act shows, one being Heineken Open’er Festival 2015. At first Szatt’s productions were more like Hip Hop beats, but now they are far from that and more like electronic music. The album ‘’Bloom’’ is a proof of this transformation. At the moment he is working on a project called “Kroki”, along with vocalist Jaq Merner and bass player Paweł Stachowiak. Szatt shared a stage with various artists: Lapalux, Taylor McFerrin, Sun Glitters, Noon, Envee, Kixnare, Iza Lach and many more.



topcutDj, Scratch DJ, producer and sound designer, since 2004. In 2007 he won the second place on IDA competition (cat. Show) and in 2008 – first place on Vestax Battle 2008 (cat.Show). Through cooperation with many European musicians, bands, theaters and filmmakers he proves that the turntable is an instrument that has no limits. Topcut’s main musical cooperations include CIA (City Inside Art) on album ‘’Diffusion Games’’, which was presented as a 5-person live act across various events in Poland and the Thetascope project – experimental-ambient sound project created with Dw4ll and released on Oaktopus Records in 2014. He shared a stage and supported such artists as: Bonobo, Salva, Jeff Mills, Jimmy Edgar, Michał Urbaniak, Lando Kal, Swayzak, Pixelord, Samiyam, Rafik, Tigerstyle, Toro y Moi, Shlohmo, B-Ju, Unkut, Taprikk Sweezee and many others.



windom earleUntil recently, under a different alias, he has been associated with the most twisted variety of electronic music. For his repertoire he tries to select pearls that are complicated in terms of rhythm and sound and which are usually avoided by an average John Smith standing behind the decks. He presented his unique style and technics of playing in almost every nook of his home country – Poland. He has also had a chance to perform in Belgium and England. He is addicted to the absorption of huge amounts of varied music and has a quiet and long-lasting fascination for intelligent electronics from the verge of IDM, Glitch, Breaks, Nujazz and Experimental, quite often sprinkled with a solid dose of bass. All of the above are the main reasons for his sound preference changes.


Yoshii SwxdnPolish producer from Berlin. His musical interest are set in the area of complex structures of glitched sounds and esthetic failure-on-purpose. He cooperated with Wojtek Mazolewski Quintet on the “Polka Remixed” project. Hi is also a part of a duet called IWASHOMEANYWAY.