Temporary Landscapes by Mat Radz is simultaneously like a feverish heat dream, an impossible snow globe and a process of constant sifting. The guitar is used here in a gaseous, inverted way, harmonic thick air through which other objects and flows make their way at various speeds. These strings start trembling, but soon seem to rattle or snap, the surface texture seems to fall apart, thawing to reveal a metallic skeleton and newly rejuvenated machinery hard at work. This is a process of disentangling, of ripping past recombinations apart, of bubbling, simmering non-equilibrium matter. But this is by no means a vague or even just aleatoric unfolding of events, this is a restructuring effected through precision by way of strategic heat pulses, directional pressure blasts and sharply slicing rolled percussion bursts.

Released 30 August 2019
Cat. No OAK009
Format MP3 320kbps / WAV 24-bit

All tracks written, played, recorded and mixed by Mateusz Radź.
Mastered by Sistrum Studio.
Photography by Blażej Czwojdziński.
Text by Wim Dehaen.