Phonics Foundation x Awry Sz – Projection

What does it really mean to project? What is the first thing you thought of? Is it a digital
image displayed on the screen, or is it a thought that took shape while manifesting into
the real world?
Phonics Foundation with Awry Sz will surely help you find your own definition with their
new 7-track, 40-minute LP, which opens up a sort of unique space for different kinds of
thoughts. Compositions include acoustic and electronic instruments: drums, double bass,
violin, electric violin, turntables, music software and more. Both recording and post
production were done in two countries – Norway and Poland.
It is almost impossible to define a specific genre for all included tracks, but if it had to be
named somehow, it would be: cyber jazz. Very interesting thing about this project is that
there are so many differences between various compositions, yet still, it maintains to hold
a solid form. Listen with caution, you may start your journey from peaceful and blissful
experience, but end up being smashed against the wall of sound.
Enough spoiling for now. Listen to ‘Projection‘ and find out for yourself!

Composed, arranged and recorded by Phonics Foundation x Awry Sz
Sebastian Gruchot – violin, electronics
Audun Ramo – double bass, electronics
Mads Johansen – drums, electronics
Awry Sz – turntables, electronics