Thetascope is a journey. Journey through the world of molecular structure of sound. Nine seamless compositions are coming together as a powerful tool that unveils the listener’s inner self through a state of deep relaxation caused by unique sonic experience. Thetascope is designed to cause the scientific “theta” state of mind, which naturally occurs while sleeping. It was made with various analogue and digital techniques of sound recording, sound design and postproduction. Recordings used for the project were personally done by its creators – Dwall and Mat Radz across Spain, Morocco, United Kingdom and Poland.

The album is available as a limited edition of printed and hand-bound album covers or in digital file format (MP3 320 kbps / WAV 16-bit / WAV 24-bit).
Limited Artworks measures 45 cm by 45 cm. They have been printed in the highest quality on specially selected paper. The artworks are numbered and contain unique download codes.

Released 01 August 2015
Cat. No OAK003
Format MP3 320kbps / WAV 16-bit / WAV 24-bit
Physical Printed Cover Art

All tracks written and produced by Adam Dornowski (Dwall) & Mateusz Radź (Mat Radz).
Composed and performed in two-week session between June and September of 2014.
Mastered by Adam Dornowski & Adam Wójtowicz at Oaktopus Studio.
Artwork by Piotr Nowicki.