The subject of the BILOCATION 2129 (BL-J-2129) experiment is an astronaut who has accomplished a 10-year exploratory mission on board the “Prometheus” spaces station, located in the vicinity of Arcturus, the brightest star in the Bootes Constellation, the third (not counting the Sun) in terms of brightness on the sky. The astronaut will undergo a bilocation experiment conducted under the supervision of the world’s leading trans planetary scientists.

    Due to a gravitational time dilation, which allows astronauts to travel in time, the return from Arcturus by our time lasting a few hours, will be completed in 2129 Earth time, which may cause unpredictable physical and mental shock of the astronaut.

    All the previous returns of astronauts from “Prometheus” ended in a complete failure. Despite the several-month long adaptation program in a specially designed ADAPT laboratory station, in many cases, the return of astronauts back to the society caused unclassified symptoms which are close to paranoid psychosis. The psychologist maintain that the main cause of the problem are rather social changes that have occurred in their absence on Earth rather than technological progress. It has been defined that the civilization shock was caused by their intolerance to the Decision of the World Government of 2089 introducing the brain chemical procedure performed both on humans and selected animal – designed to neutralize all aggressive impulses.

    Due to a very high risk of non-adaptation of the astronaut, the scientists decided to use the means of bilocation (duo-location) – which means that the astronaut will experience her body and mind presence at the same time at two locations – on the Arcturus space station and Earth. In case of any the experience will be interrupted and the astronaut will be woken up from temporary mind hibernation on the Arcturus.

    In response to wide public interest relating to the Arcturus mission, the “Prometheus” research team decided to open the experiment to public. A selected group of viewers will experience the real-time transmission of the bilocation and the first minutes of her stay on Earth.

    A special commission has been also made to raise public awareness of international space missions and the astronaut is required to make regular video transfers from her stay on Earth. The public will have the possibility to explore how our planet will look like in 2129; a specially constructed time channel will be accessible via the control :: BILOCATION 2129.


    astronaut – Lucid Fox

    real time transmission, vision engineer – Tomasz Wojtaniec

    real time transmission, sound engineer – Dwall

    astronaut mental preparation – dr Weronika Płaczek