Mat Radz – Temporary Landscapes is out now!


Hello people, we’re happy to announce that Mat Radz – ‘Temporary Landscapes’ is out today! Check out the bandcamp link below for streaming or download.
All your donations are going straight to Fundacja ECHO, for hearing impaired children.

You can listen to & buy this release here:

Mruwki – Wyspa is out now!


We are proud to announce that Mruwki – Wyspa album is OUT NOW!

Mruwki is an experimental music producer from Lodz, who combines melancholic sounds with complex rhytmical structures. “Wyspa” translates to “island” and Mruwki blazed an island trail for you. Walk through it and enjoy a deep and meaningful sound experience.

The Charity raise for Fundacja ECHO is running till the end of a month and it also includes mentioned release.

You can listen to & buy this release here:

Phonics Foundation x Awry Sz – Projection is out now!


Here it is, a new release from Oaktopus Records:
Phonics Foundation x Awry Sz – Projection album is OUT NOW!

Cyber Jazz album produced in Norway and Poland by Audun Ramo, Mads Johansen, Sebastian Gruchot and Awry Sz.
Available on WAV, MP3 or limited edition CD.
Press play and enjoy.

Computer Science is out now!


Computer Science project is a sudden expression inspired by language of machines and mathematics. ER4SE graduated from “Computer Science” studies in Berlin. To manifest his passion for the subject he created seven exceptional musical pieces with extreme sound limiting effects.

Beneath the layers of sound there is also a different type of information stream – what you can hear is a representation of signals and codes that are being constantly exchanged between modern day virtual machines. Get the full experience by putting your thoughts on to how computers communicate over various protocols and interfaces, while listening to this amazing work.

New release in cooperation with 5:55 Records – AM/PM


Time and rhythm came together as a supercompilation from another dimension: AM/PM. They are both stretchable and bendable here. AM/PM hooks to the part of your consciousness, so together you can fluctuate every bpm index and warp movements of the clock while you dance, meditate or do both.

AM is a half of AM/PM compilation, which is also a label sampler released by 5:55 Records and Oaktopus Records. 12 tracks on AM compilation reflect the rhythm of the day in a musical form of groovy and organic percussives alongside constant fluid spaces.

PM is a half of AM/PM compilation, which is also a label sampler released by 5:55 Records and Oaktopus Records. 12 tracks on PM compilation reflect the rhythm of the night in a musical form of dislocated glitches alongside various recordings and synthesized depths of hardware and software.

AM/PM is available in 2xCD and 2xDIGITAL format.

Thetascope – Thetascope


Oaktopus record label presents new release “Thetascope” – album by Dwall and Topcut. 9 track, 28 minute inert expanse into molecular motion of vibratory frequencies which will dive you deeply into theta state of mind. It will have it’s premiere on 1.08.2015 connected to art exhibition based on album artwork made by Piotr Nowicki, who will present 8 of his works corelated to music from the album. Exhibition will be presented in PO CO coffee/gallery the same day, starting at 8pm.



Brantacles is an unusual, modern compilation of electronic and acoustic music. It’s impossible to sign it to a specific musical genre. Where can you place a release, which is a pathway from electronic beats, through soft ambient touch, ending on most sophisticated sonic expressions of jazz? Still, despite the album being a combination of such different sounds, it proves to be an entertaining piece of music as a whole.
Available both as a CD and a digital download, the compilation features 17 tracks lasting over an hour in total.